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Month of November , 2007

Lip Service(d)....Uggo!

Holy rehab Batman! What the hell happened to Linday Lohan? She got a whole lot of grizzlehog going on around her mouth region - if you can call that piehole a mouth. More like a drug dispenser...a grown-up Pez dispenser.

Damn she looks terrible!
Linday Lohan's Lips Are Going to Explode! [Hollywood Rag]

Ever wonder what happens to your favorite sexy celebrities between seasons of their television shows? Save your wonder....

Sizzlin' sexy Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent in Smallville...
Here he's HOT!

And then.......

WHOA!! Stop the press I need my barf bag! Tom should change his name to Uggo Welling. How do you go from so fine to so fugly so quickly?!?!

I guess there is hope for all of us. In memory of that big-breasted blonde, Anna Nicole Smith, Viva la Trimspa!

Entertainment Weekly Names Hottest Celebrities!

Entertainment Weekly recently named the winners of their "Ultimate Hotties" contest. You may not be surprised by the female winner but you might just be shocked at the male winner.

The winners are:

Jessica Alba came in at a disappointing #4 followed by Marilyn Monroe (#3) and Raquel Welch (#2).

I think Angelina has always looked hot. (I totally wanted to marry her when Hackers came out.) Well, EXCEPT when she loses so much weight I can actually SEE her heart beating through her skin. Not so cute Angelina!

And can I just say that Wentworth Miller is such a hottie! I can't get enough of him in Prison Break. Yum! I'd be his cell mate any day.

In the men's category, Paul Newman came in at #4 according to EW readers. Lost's very own, Josh Holloway came in at #3 and Christian Bale came in with 11% of the votes at #2. (Wentworth got 20% of the votes.)

Just Another Day @ the Office


Things in downtown Milwaukee are about to heat up. Literally.

Edgar's Calypso recently opened at 628 N. Water Street last week with a soft opening. The restaurant is the dream of Michael Dillon who also owns local graphic design company, McDill Design, which is located upstairs from the new restaurant. Edgar's Calypso is in the same space where Swank used to be right next door to Steamer's.

Dillon's love affair with the caribean began when he was 24 and went to Jamaica. "I've gone back to Jamaica every year for the last 30 years."

I stopped by this past weekend to check things out and see what we might be able to expect from this little gem on Water. Immediately upon arrival into Edgar's Calypso I felt transported to a lively tropical island - far away from the very cold Milwaukee night that was surrounding me. Dillon hand painted the colorful scenes throughout the restaurant to reflect his love for his favorite island, Gaudalupe.

Though the menu was limited I was very pleased with my selections. (A bigger menu will be unveiled down the line.) We started out with the tostones which were incredibly delicious. The dipping sauce really made this appetizer worth it. I don't tend to like sauces that much but this one was zesty and scrumptious. I almost licked the bowl clean.

I also tried the Red Pepper soup which was the perfect antidote to the frigid, brisk wind whipping around the streets outside. The flavors in the soup were rich and "punchy". The soup could have been served a bit warmer but ultimately did the trick.

For my main dish I had the Atlantic Salmon with sweet potato fries. My fish was incredibly moist and flavorful. The filet was quite large as well and I had a very hard time eating it all. The sweet potato fries were heavenly. The sweet flavor combined with the crunchyness of the fry danced playfully on my pallet. Only after I ordered the fries did I realize it was an odd pairing with my fish dish but I was quite glad that I did.

My partner ordered the cheese quesadillas. The limited menu is actually a challenge for vegetarians, something I hope Dillon will correct with the expanded menu. The quesadillas were quite tasty and the jalapenos inside them made them a nice spicy pick-me-up.

Not wanting to deprive ourselves, we decided to also order the Chocolate Bread Pudding. This dessert was fantastic. The rich chocolate flavor paired with the carmelized bananas were what every sweet tooth dreams of. Every bite I made sure to get a little bit of the pudding and banana. Delish!

Edgar's Calypso might have only did a soft opening last week but with the current menu, friendly staff, and inviting environment it will only be a matter time before it becomes a new favorite for many Milwaukeans.

Edgar's Calypso is open for lunch starting at 11am. Dinner ends at 10pm Monday - Thursday and 11pm on Friday & Saturday. They are closed on Sundays.

CONSUME is our new restaurant feature here at DyerTimes. We will continue to highlight Milwaukee resturants as they open and may even throw in a few that have been around for ages. If you have a restaurant that you'd like to see us review send us a note at info AT dyertimes DOT com.


It's Wednesday and what better way to get through "hump day" than with some great new music? We here at DyerTimes are always looking for fresh, new, engaging excitement for our ears. Call us fickle if you will - we simply love new stuff! And, as a special treat for our readers we'll even throw in two supplemental videos to help make this dose of musical medicine go down.

Acid House Kings -
Tonight Is Forever
The old school sound of this song just makes me giggle and sing along. You'll be hooked too!

Seal - Amazing (Kaskade Remix)
Seal took a hiatus from music - with which he married, Heidi Klum, had two kids and got a new producer. This song - as the title might suggest - is amazing!

Partyshank - Penis vs. Vagina (Lies In Disguise Remix)
This hot remix is the culmination of Dylan from La Castle Vania and Blake Miller from Moving Units. If this don't make your booty bounce... As the saying goes, "Your booty must be dead!"

Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well (Poker Face Mix) (mp3 6.1 mb)
Even with a child-in-tow, J.Lo (does she still go by that?) brings us an incredibly hot dance hit with this song. I've got this on continual repeat...

Just Jack - Starz In Their Eyes
What can I say, I have a penchant for cheeky Brit-pop. I heard this originally on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and ran home to download it on iTunes.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On
In case you were wondering, disco never dies! Neither does this great track from Holy Ghost!. So Hold On.....

M.I.A. - Jimmy (DJ Eli Remix)
This London born artist with Sri Lankan roots has been putting out several great albums. Though some of her songs are more sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) than I think they deserve, I really enjoy this song. The song is a cover of "Jimmy Jimmy Aaja" from the Bollywood film Disco Dancer. M.I.A. used to do dance routines to it at parties in India when she was younger.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Mano Uptempo Remix)
I just like this song. Nuf said...

Duran Duran - Falling Down (Sebastian Leger Vocal Mix)
They're BAAAACCCKKK! Everyone's favorite '80's band is ripping through the charts with this new single. To go along with their comeback they've brought in the talented Justin Timberlake.

Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) - Hopelessly Devoted To You
Alright, it's an old song with a new flair but it's really quite cute. And, how can you not love a song that has such a cute video?!?


Austrian football fans have bombarded a local radio station desperate for Beckham's undies! The contest would allow the winner to sleep in the hotel room after Beckham checked out.....

LGBT SENIORS: The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) have been awarded a $500,000 grant from the Arcus Foundation's Gay & Lesbian Fund. The grant will be used to develop a national campaign around LGBT aging.

BAPTISTS REJECT AFFIRMING CHURCH: Not surprising to most people, the North Carolina Baptist Convention voted to expel the Myers Park Baptist Church for their inclusive ways.

REDESIGNED FEMALE CONDOM?: Researchers are working on redesigned female condom in hopes to finally get the product to "take off" with women. Only 6 million female condoms are distributed in poor countries annually compared to 12 billion male condoms. What is up with the sticky dots that attach to the vaginal walls? Scary....

BIEL GETS NAILED BY GYLLENHAAL: Al Gore's daughter, Kristin Gore, has penned a new screenplay which will see Jessica Biel 'nailed' by Jake Gyllenhaal. Biel's character gets shot by a nail gun which causes some strange behavior, she goes to Washington to advocate for rights for those that are bizarrely injured, Gyllenhaal plays an unethical Senator that nails her and launches her political career. Voila. Sounds strangely like a porn plot...

Moral High Ground?

In honor of Thanksgiving and all the families that will be spending time together this week I thought some of you might appreciate this insightful map. Red states always tell us blue states how immoral, perverse, and sinful we are for our liberal 'unchristian' ways.

I think the map below speaks for itself...

The Journal Sentinel's Annoying Database

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has recently added a new database to their website as part of their Data On Demand project. The project is - in their own words - a Watchdog site to allow citizens to analyze data about public employees' salaries and do their own simple analysis.

I found a pathetic reasoning on their site describing why they decided to put this data up.

If the Journal Sentinel cared at all about allowing citizens to analyze data and come up with their own conclusions about how government is spending our money why don't they try something that actually merits the attention. Our society - perhaps this is true in other counties as well - has a sick obsession with nitpicking how much public servants - like teachers - make. We then determine if that teacher makes more than we do and if so get outraged that teachers are making more money than us with our tax dollars. It's what I call our "lowest common denominator" reasoning and the Journal Sentinel's use of this data on their website fuels the ridiculous attack on public employees - beit if they work for the City of Milwaukee or Milwaukee Public Schools.

You know what would be helpful, Journal Sentinel? Make me a searchable database that shows how much each corporation or business in Wisconsin - or even Milwaukee - got in tax breaks or kickbacks for simply being located here. Show me how easy it is for businesses to get money from government but all the hoops that social service agencies must go through to prove the money they get is worth giving out. (I can tell you that the oversight and reporting that is required from nonprofits serving the community with block grant dollars in sickening.)

Simply putting the salaries of employees online in a database is lazy, pathetic, and outrageously conservative. There is no analysis that takes place from the viewing of such information. It simply reminds people that they make less - or more - than teachers or a secretary in the health department and does nothing more. How about you put that in perspective for them? How much does the CEO at the company that gets a no bid award from the goverment make? How much do the executives at the insurance company make that continue to hand over 26% increases in my health insurance every year? (Remember the brouhaha over the roughly 3% budget increase for MPS, recently?)

If you want to be outraged there is plenty to go around. Attacking our public servants and forcing an ideology that requires them to live in poverty for their job simply because it seems like they make "too much money" with our taxes is not the type of society I want to live in.

Share my opinions? Take a moment to share your thoughts with the Journal Sentinel here.


With Thanksgiving on our doorstep the holiday season has quickly sprung upon us. For better or worse, it's here. That means all that fun family time and holiday travel!

The ever-so-lovely Alan Cumming chatted with New York Magazine about his recent marriage to his boyfriend, Grant Shaffer, and his tips for successful holiday travel.

“I always think the pressure on planes gives you a hard-on. My friend I was just working with said that when he goes to sleep, he always puts the table out in case he gets a hard-on whilst he’s asleep. That’s a very good tip for your readers if they want to avoid embarrassment on a plane.”

ASK THE CANDIDATES: From Viewers to Presidential Hopefuls

Gay Brigadier General asks candidates about their stances over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

The American Medical Student Association asks the candidates about their health insurance plans and how they plan on increasing the options in finding a doctor while keeping deductibles low.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon - produced by HeadzUp - asks the candidates about the limits of presidential power.

Matthew John Chilelli from Studio City, CA wants to know why the candidates don't support legal recognition for same-sex couples. This video is very nicely done.

Steven Klein's "Prison Break" Fantasy

Steven Klein - the premiere fashion photographer of the time - is at it again with his latest promotion for C-IN2. These underwear ads are enough to make Larry Craig and Jake Gyllenhaal bust out of their closets.

The campaign is currently underway in Australia where it can be found on a billboard on Chapham Street in Melbourne. Any ideas on when it might make its way to the United States?

Keep dreaming...

And though Steven Klein's Prison Break doesn't include Wentworth Miller standing in his skivies, this ad campaign still is hot.

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Is this hustler to blame for Trent Lott's resignation?

The news of Senate Majority Whip Trent Lott's resignation from the U.S. Senate today was barely dry when rumors surfaced over the real reason the third term Senator was leaving his secure job.

According to Big Head DC the racist, homophobic, and frankly - backwards - Trent Lott might just have had a relationship business deal with male hustler, Benjamin Nicholas.

Lott announced this morning that he would leave his position by the end of the year. He recently won his bid for a fourth term in office that would not be up until 2012.

Benjamin Nicholas - the hustler who is alleged to have ties to Lott - has refused to discuss the issue. He says, "I will continue to offer a great sense of confidentiality to the people I see. I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It's as simple as that. It never happened."

It certainly does seem strange that Senator Lott would leave a comfortable job that was secure for no apparent reason. It would be delicious if Lott turns about to be another self-hating gay entrenched in the Republican Party. I guess time will tell.